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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spices in bulk Savings

So I hear all these things about so many things these days not being natural and that everything is bad for us, You too? Right? So I decided to go buy my spices in bulk, because I found SPROUTS and WHOLE FOODS near us both have bulk spices.
It's easy to do, just takes a little time but I'm feeling that I am doing such a good thing for my family and my cooking is so much tastier to boot. So it's worth the time it takes to fill the bags and take these home and refill spice jars.
So start saving your spice jars and reuse them with bulk spices, Plus in the long run., it saves $$$.
I bought all these spices shown in this picture for less than $25.00 and they will last a long time for the most part.
It's easy to refill and you know what good spices you are buying this way.
What you need:
Spices in bulk
Spice Jars(save your old ones or buy new as you need)
Good tape and labels or use Sticky notes and cut how you like
A Sharpie pen or marker
I save my spice jars, wash them out and make sure to dry well, then I make hand written or printed labels and use a good package tape to tape on the spice names and be sure to put the date I bought the spices, this is a good way to make sure you know how old your spices are and when to toss them out, I don't keep spices older than a year, if they make it that long LOL

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