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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fresh Basil Mint Pesto

I grow several Herbs and I like to make Fresh Pesto
Here is my Recipe for Basil Mint Pesto
You should try this recipe and Enjoy Good Food
I serve this over my Crock Pot Meat Loaf

You can freeze this, I just don't add the cheese until I thaw it and right before serving

 Makes about 1 cup
 You definitely should take a free hand with this—more basil? Why not? Want to add parsley? Go ahead. Imagine that right before every ingredient on the list it says “about.”

 What you need:
1 cups mint leaves, washed
2 cup basil leaves, washed
1/3 cup Pine nuts
¼ cup finely grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
¼ cup olive oil (not extra virgin, just regular)
 Salt to taste

How to Make it:
Add all the ingredients in a food processor and blend to a puree. Add water to thin the pesto to about the consistency of runny yogurt if you want it that thin, I generally leave mine a little thicker, your choice, try it both ways

Serve immediately, or if you want to hold the pesto for a couple of hours, add a scant ¼ teaspoon Fruit Fresh or vitamin C to hold the green color, otherwise the pesto will oxidize and turn brownish. (It’s still okay to eat.)

To preserve, don’t thin with water. Pour the thick pesto into a sterilized half pint jar, cover with a drizzle of olive oil and refrigerate for up to ten days. You can also freeze pesto.

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