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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Almond Joy Cupcakes

I have a son in law who likes Almond Joy Candy Bars, so for his birthday I decided to make him
Almond Joy Cupcakes, yeah I'm making points and I like it ;)
Enjoy Good Food

What you Need:

1 box of German Chocolate Betty Crocker cake mix (See my baking directions below)
4 eggs
1 1/4 cup milk(instead of water for cake mix)
1/4 -1/3 cup of oil
3/4 cup of almonds
1 tbsp coconut extract
1 cup of coconut

1 Can of Coconut Pecan Frosting or make your own

How to Make it:
Heat oven to 350 degrees and I line my cupcake pans with paper liners
I then followed my cake mix recipe but I added 4 eggs and used milk for the water and add the oil as it says. I added in my 1 tbsp of coconut extract, coconut and the almonds into the batter and stir it up
Then I chopped up my almond joy candy bars into small pieces, then dust them in 1 TB of flour(so they don't all sink in the batter) add this to the cake batter and stir gently.
Fill cupcake liners with 3/4 batter each I got 24 cupcakes. Now that was easy.

After you cupcakes are baked and cooled, you can frost them. I did use ready made frosting this time
but you can make you own if you have time.

Serve and Enjoy!

add chopped almond joy candy bars to the top of each cupcake for a the almond joy lover
in your house

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