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Friday, April 18, 2014

Country Beef Colby Cheese Patty

We make up our own burgers often and we like to get creative on the mixes. This Beef Patty is made with ground chuck, mixed with seasonings and shredded colby cheese added.
Then we press them in a Patty shaper and freeze for quick and ready burger patties when we want.
Pop in the freezer ready to serve, these save money over bough-ten burger patties and they are made with all good ingredients, we know just what is in each package.

What you Need:
2 lbs Ground Chuck
1 small Diced Onion
1 Cup Shredded Colby Cheese
Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
1-2 teaspoons of My burger Seasoning Mix(or a salt free all purpose seasoning)
1 Patty Press if you like you can shape patties by hand, I like my press it's perfect.

I cooked these up in a skillet today, but we also grill them, and these were smothered in Country Gravy
Mmmm Try My Country Fried Potatoes and Veggie Medley with White Country Gravy
This recipe Makes 4 --1/2 Pound Patties

How to Make Patties:
Mix your ground chuck with onion, shredded cheese and seasonings in a big bowl with your hands,
Press a handful into your Patty Press
My Press will make 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 pound patties, for these I generally make them 1/2 pounders and pop onto freezer wax paper slices(I cut my own) between each patty and stack about 4 then either wrap in freezer paper or place in Large freezer bags and freeze.
When ready to cook I take these out a little ahead or put some in the fridge ready to use in the next couple days.
These are handy to have made up and can be taken out and cooked partially frozen too.
Much cheaper than buying ready made burgers and we know just what goes into each mix.

To Cook:
Either fire up the Grill and cook
Or cook inside in a skillet with just a touch of Olive Oil

How Long Do You Grill Hamburgers?

The answer depends largely on the thickness of your patties. The best thickness for cooking is about 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Cook the patties for 10 to 16 minutes, until the hamburger patties reach an internal temperature of 155 degrees for 15 seconds at the thickest part of the patty. Don't rely on the color of the meat to judge doneness. Always take the internal temperature using an instant-read thermometer.
  • For maximum food safety, cook fresh ground beef within three days of purchase.
  • Cook previously, frozen thawed ground beef immediately after thawing.
  • Never allow ground beef to stand at room temperature.
  • Don't partially cook ground beef.

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