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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Mice Truffles

What is more fun than some tasty Christmas Mice Truffles? These are adorable and will put a smile on faces for sure.

What you Need:
8 ounces Dipping Chocolate -- or Almond Bark
24 large Maraschino Cherries -- with stems
  (I also found that using thin licorice strings work)
24 almond slices -- un-broken (or peanuts)
24 Hershey's® Kisses candies -- un-wrapped
Round Candy Sprinkles
Gel Frosting for eyes and noses

What you Need to DO
Line two baking sheets with waxed paper, then set aside.

Remove cherries from jar/juice, and drain well on paper towels, making sure stem stays firmly attached to each cherry. Set aside.

Sliced almonds will be the ears, pick out the best from your package

In a microwave safe bowl, melt dipping chocolate or almond bark in microwave oven, on low heat, stirring frequently to dissolve lumps. Place bowl of melted chocolate on your work surface, and arrange other ingredients, and baking sheets on work surface so they are all within easy reach. Pick a comfortable spot, you will need to work fast once you start this.

Now you are ready to dip your mouse bodies! Take a cherry by the stem, and dip into melted chocolate, covering entire cherry and stem. Carefully lay dipped cherry onto waxed paper lined baking sheet, so stem (tail) turns upward. Or you can use the pull apart licorice and cut into tail lengths.

Place one unwrapped Hershey's® Kiss, flat side next to the 'body' so it forms a head for your mouse. Hold it in place until chocolate is set enough to hold by itself. Add two almond slices 'ears' by cementing them on with small dots of melted chocolate- then using tweezers and round candy sprinkles, add a tiny nose to the pointed end of the head, and place eyes in appropriate area, also cementing with melted chocolate. (A toothpick is handy to use for adding chocolate 'cement'). You now have one Christmas Mouse completed! Repeat process until all 24 mice are assembled. You can use gel frosting as eyes and nose if you want

Store mice in re-shaped paper cup cake liners, in a cool, dry place - do not refrigerate because this will cause the mice to get white streaks.

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