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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pizza Poppers

At our house we like Pizza and anything that tastes like Pizza, even pizza rolls so I got to searching around and found some recipes to make our own that are so much better than what you buy. Here is my version

What you’ll need for 30 Pizza Poppers:

Pillsbury Pizza Dough (thin crust or regular)

Pepperoni per each popper

Mozzarella Cheese 1? per each popper

Marinara Sauce for dipping

Oil for frying

Parmesan, Garlic Powder & Oregano for sprinkling..OR YOUR FAVORITE BLEND!

*Keep in mind, you can customize these babies!  Make a “meat lover’s”, a “veggie lover’s” can even spice them up with some green Chile or Jalapeno slices!  Stuff ‘em with all of your typical topping faves..SO much fun!


Roll out the Pizza Dough, just until it’s even and cut out approx. 2? circles.  I used a small glass to cut them out.

Fill each circle of dough with whatever Pizza toppings you normally like.  I used a slice of Pepperoni, and a chunk of Mozzarella…

Roll the filling up tightly inside the dough, making sure to seal it very well…

Fry up the filled dough balls in small batches, and drain them on paper towels…

Make up your seasoning blend and set aside….

Season them up with your blend while they’re warm…

Heat up some Marinara and start Dipping!..

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