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Monday, September 9, 2013

Egg and Cheese English Muffin!

Freezing breakfast! Check out how easy this breakfast sandwich is to prepare and freeze. Then just pluck one out of the freezer and BAM, breakfast is served!
12 English muffins, split in half
12 eggs
3 Tbsp. butter or olive oil
12 slices American cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
(you can also throw on some cooked sausage patties or bacon)
Lightly toast the English muffins. Scramble the eggs in the oil or butter (you can also fry the eggs instead of scramble if you’d prefer). Salt and pepper to taste.
Place the cooked eggs and a slice of cheese between two of the toasted English muffins. Press firmly together to secure. Cool sandwiches in the refrigerator. When cool, wrap each sandwich in a paper towel and place in a heavy duty Ziploc freezer bag. Freeze.
To heat, slightly unwrap the paper towel and microwave on high for one to two minutes until the cheese is melted and the sandwich is hot.


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