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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pink Lemonade Margarita

It's time to sit down and have a drink and I like my pink lemonade and Margarita's so Finally
Combine the 2 and mmmm Yummy
1 (12 ounce) can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
3 (12  ounce) cans of cold water – (just use the empty pink lemonade can)
1 (12 ounce) can of tequila
½ (12 ounce) can of Grand Marnier
Ice cubes – (I like to use crushed ice)
Salt to rim the glasses
1 lime, wedged

Pour the (thawed) frozen lemonade concentrate into a pitcher, and fill the can with
cold water.
Pour into the pitcher and repeat twice for a total of 3 cans of water.
Fill the can with tequila, and pour that into the pitcher.
Fill about half of the can with Grand Marnier, and pour it into the pitcher.
Chill in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. Or blend mixture with ice to
make a frozen version.
Serve over ice in salt-rimmed glasses with a lime wedge!

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