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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Philly Cheese Steak

The only thing that I couldn't find at the store was shredded provolone cheese.So I bought a block in the deli section and diced it up first. You can also just add slices to the sandwich and forgo the cheese sauce.

These are big juicy delicious sandwiches every bit as good as you get at the best east coast delis


1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 lb ground beef

1 medium onion chopped

1 green pepper chopped

1/4 cup steak sauce

1 cup beef broth

salt and pepper to taste

4 hoagie buns

1 Tablespoon Butter

1 Tablespoon flour

1 cup milk

1 cup sliced or diced provolone cheese

1. In a large skillet heat the extra virgin olive oil over medium high heat. Add the ground beef and brown while breaking up in chunks with a spatula or spoon.

2. Add the chopped green pepper and onion cooking for about 3-4 minutes until they start to become tender. Drain all excess liquid.

3. Add the beef broth and steak sauce and bring the mixture to a boil. Continue cooking until sauce is thick and bubbly.

3. While this is cooking, Split the hamburger buns and butter each side. Place the buns side down onto a separate skillet until golden brown.

4. To make the cheese topping, melt the butter in the skillet and add the flour. Cook for one minute. Whisk in milk and continue cooking until it starts to thicken. Remove from heat and stir in the cheese until incorporated.

5. To assemble, place the bun on the bottom. Spoon the meat mixture on top and pour the cheese mixture on top topping with the bun. Enjoy!

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