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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Apple Pizzas

Apple Pizzas

Much lower in fat, salt and starch then traditional pizzas! Try one of our tasty combinations or build your own masterpiece.
1 pizza per person


1 package 12-4 inch flour tortillas, white or whole wheat
1 large BC Tree Fruits apple, any variety, per pizza, thinly sliced
Pizza toppings of your choice*
The British Columbian
Spartan apple
Smoked salmon
Dried cranberry
Farmhouse cheddar
The Granny Blue
Granny Smith apple
Toasted pine nuts
Blue cheese
The Golden Greek
Golden Delicious apple
Greek salad dressing
Kalamata olives
Crumbled feta cheese
The Mac-herita
McIntosh apple
Boconcinni slices
Fresh spinach leaves
Crumbled basil

The Turtle-Dessertle
Royal Gala apple
Prepared caramel sauce
Crumbled dark chocolate


1. Using a large skillet or crepe pan, heat each flour tortilla in the dry pan briefly on each side until it puffs and browns slightly.
2. Turn the heat down and begin to assemble the pizza in the warm pan, beginning with:
*1--Sliced apple—cover all but the outer edge
*2--Spreads—such as apricot jam, pesto, or spiced oil glaze
*3--Toppings---dried fruit, nuts, lean meats, fresh peppers
*4—Cheese, preferably
3. After cheese or final topping is on, slide the skillet under the broiler for two minutes or heat in the toaster oven to warm the toppings.

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